what our students say about Chrome dance - pole fitness !

picture of kelly student


I had always had pole exercise as a bit of a wish list item that I'd always wanted to just try but never got round to it. Then something happened recently in my life and it severely affected my self esteem and confidence - I hesitantly went to a pole class on my own and was so nervous but I can honestly say it was one of the best things I'd done - yes it pushes me out of my comfort zone but it has helped my esteem and confidence so much as well as my overall fitness, strength and determination. Andrew immediately puts your mind at ease and continues to push you to grow stronger in physical abilities but also psychologically. I am loving pole and feel I am getting a sense of my character back as well as so much more upper body strength and toning which was my goal. Thank you Andrew

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I started at Chrome dan Pole Fitness in December 2017 to help improve my flexibility and strength for my running. Now I've started I'm addicted ! Andrew is a fantastic teacher and really encourages me to achieve my goals. Andrew always makes time for his students and I highly recommend Andrew and his studio to people of all abilities.