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What you need to know about your first pole class!

1. Do not be worried!

You have just booked your first class at a pole school, and your anxiety kicks in a bit and you may have second thoughts; was this the right decision for you. Well do not be worried, everyone on their first class will feel a little bit anxious, and this perfectly fine as you don't know exactly what to expect, and you are going a place where you have never been before .

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2. Do I need to be strong ?

The whole point of starting pole dancing/fitness is to build your strength up and to improve your fitness. You will start with the basic moves which are designed in such a way that anyone can learn them. It might take a couple of weeks, but the lessons are designed to build anyone's strength, and take them from a beginner to more advanced levels of pole.

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3. What should I wear ?

Every school is different so always check with the studio or your instructor, as it can differ depending on the school, and what the lesson plan is. But most schools want you to wear shorts and a top for your first lesson; they may want you bring along leggings, socks or other items of clothing.

bad kitty clothing for pole

Picture taken from the "Bad Kitty" website: http://www.badkitty.com/labyrinth-tank.html

4. Will my first class be hard ?

I wouldn't say your first class will be hard, but your first class will be a challenge as with any other exercise class. There will be aspects you may find more difficult than other parts of the class, but there will also be parts which you will feel are really easy!

5 . Will I be working alone on my first class ?

Most pole classes you will share a pole with someone; this is one of the best thing about it, as you will make new friends, and get involved in a amazing community where people help each other. When you are a beginner, you will appreciate the break, as a full class is a very long time to on a pole!

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6. Will I get every move we cover in the first class ?

It is perfectly normal not to get everything you cover in your first few classes, in these classes what we are covering are your foundation moves. These moves get you used to using the pole and will build your strength progressively and build your confidence to progress into more advanced moves.

7. Will I go upside down in my first class ?

Not until you have built your strength up, you won't go upside down on your first class or for a awhile, but don't worry, there are so many cool and exciting moves you can do before this!

8. Is it OK not to understand something ?

TOTALLY !!! if you don't understand something just ask your instructor to explain or re demonstrate the move to you, there are people who have been doing pole for multiple of year who still don't understand or 'get' some moves.

9. Is there anything I should not do before my first class ?

YES !!!! PLEASE DON'T PUT MOISTURISER OR OIL ON !, as it will make you slippy and anyone who comes in to contact with you and your pole, so please put that coco butter down or it just makes it hard for everyone

If you really need to have silky soft skin you can use these products :-

body shop body sorbet - https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/body/view-all/strawberry-fresh-body-sorbet/p/p000200

pole physics - http://www.polephysics.com/our-lotion.html

10. Make sure you have FUN !

It maybe stressful to go to a new place and try something new for the first time, but remember to relax and have fun! All instructors want their students to have fun, get a work out, building you new skills, improve confidence, and to show that everyone can do anything as long they put their mind to it.

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